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Below is a collection of testimonials from various allies who've trusted me with their brands, projects and questions.
“It was a great opportunity to have worked with Dennis. He is a very talented designer who works well collaboratively with others. I would recommend him 100%. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

Amanda Hughes, Senior Designer at IBM
“For your exceptional work on our Employer Branding! Thank you for the many talents you bring to our team!”

Jennifer Szerlip, Head of Employee Experience and Internal Communications at InVision
“Dennis is one of the most capable and design-driven senior leaders I've had the pleasure of working alongside. He consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic at InVision, and a dedication to achieving success even when there's a high level of ambiguity. His ability to add context to content by breaking down complex strategies and workflows into clear visual designs is a superpower that he brings to any project. His positive personality, and design thinking sensibilities are one of the many reasons I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Justin Wiggins, Management Consultant at Private
“Dennis is an excellent teacher – incredibly kind and passionate. He’s got such a treasure chest of advice! We should all follow his example and contribute more to the design community.”

Jane Portman, Designer & Co-Founder of
“Dennis has an incredible gift for wisdom and communicating an inspiring vision. I think it has a positive impact because It helps everyone around him see the possible and aim high.”

Anonymous, People Leader at InVision
“Dennis has an unwavering ability to drive towards a goal. I’ve seen this with both Xenia and InVision Advance—no matter what obstacles inevitably crop up, Dennis pivots with grace and makes sure the team is reset for success.”

Anonymous, People Leader at InVision
“Dennis’ passion, skill, and intellect are incredible. He’s a thought leader in the design world, and at InVision, and he’s a trusted friend to pretty much everyone. But what’s impressed me most about Dennis is the sheer entrepreneurial spirit that he brings to everything he does. He can go deep on everything from strategy to design to implementation. He’s a problem solver who also knows how to execute like the best. It’s been a privilege to work with him!”

Ben Goldman, Director of Films at InVison
“Dennis is not only a talented designer but also has a deep understanding of audience and client needs. His work is always beautiful, on-brand, and on strategy. I recommend Dennis to anyone in need of an influential designer and a collaborative team player.”

Chuck Palmer, Consumer Behavior Advisor
“Dennis is a top-notch training architect. He’s single-handedly designed, developed, and executed the onboarding program for InVision. His training delivery, combined with his product knowledge, also makes him a world-class trainer. I’m proud to work alongside him and am continually impressed by his work.”

Frank Frausto, 14 years Googler
“Dennis is a gem to work with...always willing to take on the challenge, go the extra mile, and have fun along the way. He has excellent creative flexibility, which he can tailor to a diverse range of problem-solving. Dennis is an excellent addition to any team.”

Jacque Aberegg, Senior Director at The Ohio State University
“Dennis ensures everyone has a seat at the table on our team—all opinions are heard and respected. Even with differing styles and perspectives, he hears everyone out and honestly consider what’s said. This inclusive environment brings out the best solutions for our users, builds trust, and keeps the team working together.”

Marie Kretlow, UX Designer, People at InVision
“Working with Dennis has been an absolute pleasure. His support for me as an individual, our team, and the culture of InVision has been inspiring. He is genuinely committed to designing the best experiences for our employees and does so with humility and enthusiasm. Dennis is the ultimate cheerleader and has been an invaluable asset to me as I build out the Learning & Development function at InVision. A true team player that is committed to the cause of building an amazing company and culture, who can voice his opinion with conviction while creating space for everyone’s voice to be heard. 10 for ten would recommend every time”

McKendree Hickory, Ph.D., Leadership Development Manager at InVision & Diversity & Inclusion Advocate
“I had the pleasure of working with Dennis at InVision, where he designed and executed the global onboarding program. The program provided new employees with a unique introduction to the company’s culture, vision, and product. Being a fully distributed organization, it’s tough to ensure that you are providing a real, consistent, engaging experience for a rapidly growing workforce spread across the world. Still, Dennis and his team made this possible. He created meaningful content that left employees of all levels understanding what InVision is about and where they fall in the big picture. I learned so much from Dennis on how he approaches the employee experience and am truly grateful. He is a master of user experience design and a skilled teacher.”

Nancy Kyong, Global HR Operations Project Manager at Elastic
“Dennis is a very humble and wise person. He has years of experience and is able to translate that experience into actionable advice. No matter what question I asked him, I could tell he was genuinely interested in helping me find a solution and his knowledge spanned across many areas."

Nathan Allotey, Designer & UI/UX Consultant
“Great guy. Gave no-BS real insight in growing an audience!”

Jevin Maltais, Engineering Consultant
“We hired Dennis for his strategic services, and he was a huge help! It was really nice to just go over everything to date that we’ve been working on or have launched, and get another strategic and creative opinion on it. It was very helpful, and we left excited to put things to use.”

David Sherry, Founder of Death to the Stock Photo
“Dennis is a superweapon when it comes to working with a People/HR team. At InVision, we brought Dennis onto our People Team from the Sales organization, where he was providing an overview of the InVision product and its customers to onboarding sales team members. He built out the onboarding team and the onboarding program in general for all InVision employees during a hyper-growth period at the company. But more than that, Dennis brought his designer’s eye to programs and “products” we launched to InVisioners. As HR and People Operations functions become increasingly focused on real “employee experience,” they need experience designers -- design professionals that consider the employee as the customer and build services, products, and practices with that in mind. Dennis worked his design magic on a wide variety of projects, and I heartily recommend him!”

Mark Frein, Chief People Officer at Lambda Schools and previous CPO at InVision
“Dennis is a solid designer who will do what it takes to get a job done. His quiet, calm demeanor, even under extreme pressure, is a big plus. Dennis always asks good questions and is always focused on bringing great solutions to the table.”

Mark Miller, Executive Director, Strategy at Resource/Ammirati
“Dennis can plan a project like no one else! His organizational skills and just a clear vision for what he thinks needs to happen are always spot on.”

Anonymous, People Leader at InVision
“Dennis is willing to jump in with both feet on anything! And I bet he could work with anybody – quite an admirable strength to have in a designer. I'd look forward to any chance to work together again.”

Lisa Cook, Strategist
“The great thing about talking to Dennis is that he listens. He doesn't pretend to already have all the answers. But after listening, gathering the facts, and assessing the situation, he provides insight and solutions that are extremely valuable."

Andy Johnson,
Cofounder of Harpoon App

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