I’m stressed. Are you?

At the moment I’m juggling a healthy list of projects both at InVision and at home. The result is that I’m stressed. It’s also the new year, and that brings stress with new expectations and goals.

Here’s a short list of projects that have me stressed and stretched a little:

  • Over the last 8 months, my team has welcomed hundreds of new Employees into the InVision family by way of an onboarding program that we built and launched last year. The program runs every two weeks, and the volume of attendees is high. By the way, we’re hiring all across InVision. If you want to join us, check out this list of openings.
  • With onboarding rocking, we’ve also turned our attention towards a more broader learning and development architect/system to ensure employees are continuing to develop skills and reach their career goals at the company. Think of this as an entire product platform for learning. It's super exciting but has many parts and projects to it.
  • Alongside that, I’ve got meetings and the regular fire drills that arise daily for work and home as well as the stretch goals that I've placed on myself for the quarter and year.
  • I also have a 3-year old whose eagerly exploring her boundaries on a daily basis. I love it, but with each attempt, I’m learning how to respond and react the best way a father can and sometimes it's hard to keep perspective.
  • I’ve recently moved into a new home, and although we're pretty much settled, the "honey do" list is quickly piling up.
  • Not to get too personal here, but my mother’s been battling health issues over the last few years, and that is weight.
  • I’ve got a few passion projects that require my attention because they’re doing great. Thank you all for the support in everything I create, write and do!
  • I have some that are failing, and I  need to close them up.  Thank you for letting me know when I've missed the mark.
  • I’ve been eating like crap the last 9 months, and as a result, I feel like crap.  Summer BBQ's, Beers and Ice Cream followed by the holidays, although tasty, is not the ideal diet for a productive lifestyle.
  • I’ve not worked out regularly in probably 12 months and feel guilty. However, the last few weeks I think I’m back on track.
  • And the list goes on.

Sound familiar? I’m sure you too have a list that's similar to the above, but Here’s the truth. I’m not bragging about how stressed (or busy) I am. I'm also not really complaining. After listing these items out,  I'm actually excited and motivated.

In reality, some of the items on this list are only stressing me out because I have to learn new skills and dig deep into areas I've never been before and that's not necessarily a bad thing right? Other items on this list are terrible stresses that I just need to remove from my life or address head-on with a plan to move them forward. Some are cool highlight moments.

It's up to me to determine what type of stress I'm dealing with at any given time. Is it good stress that stretches me out of the comfort zone or is it lousy stress that negatively impacts me? I get to decide that, and once I do, I can determine how I react towards it.  Should I collapse under the pressure? Should I take action by removing the negative stressor to make, more room to focus on those struggles that help me grow? Today, I'm going to take action, and the first order of business is to evaluate what items above fit in which category and then prioritize accordingly. Does it need to be done Today? This week? Next week? This month? Someday? Never? Then what's the plan?

Feeling stressed? How can I help?

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